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How Does Electric Mobility Scooters Work on Slopes?

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   Intelligent electric mobility scooters bring great convenience to elderly and disabled people when travelling , it is flexible and lightweight, and easy to operate for people in different age.      Many friends are worried about the occurrence of rollover being an accident, we will show you how does the electric mobility scooter work on the slopes?

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    Here is the content list:

  •    How can carbon fiber mobility scooters go up and down slopes?

  •    Carbon fiber mobility scooter up and downhill precautions

   How does mobility scooters go up and down slopes?

   To prevent the danger of tipping over in the upper section, most electric mobility scooters for the elderly have two auxiliary wheels, which can prevent the wheelchair from falling back when climbing uphill.

   In addition, the motor of the electric mobility scooter plays an important part when climbing the hills. If the horsepower is not enough, it would be hard for the mobility scooter to climb the hill successfully, especially when the load exceeds the limit or battery power is insufficient. In order to avoid the occurrence of the slippery slope, most electric mobility scooter would be equipped with electromagnetic brake , it would stop immediately once you release the joystick.

   Attentions for Uphills & Down Hills

   For electric mobility scooter, especially for mobility scooter with electromagnetic brake system, downhill is not a hard work. But for elders  & disabled people, there are 3 things should be known.

   1. Up and down the slope should be along the direction of the slope, and not perpendicular to the direction of the slope, otherwise, there is a risk of overturning.

   2. If there is an obstacle ahead,hold on and go through it in a low speed. And it is necessary to slow down when downhill.

   3. Don't enable the manual-push mode when driving the mobility scooter downhill, or it would be easy to overturing and hurt your body.

   JBH mobility scooters are made of aluminum alloy or carbon fiber, they are in good quality and has many advantages such as lightweight, portable, foldable, durable and so on...Welcome to contact us if you have questions.

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