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Best Tips to Help You Find the Suitable Electric Mobility Scooter

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   Electric mobility scooter is common seen now, and we can see more and more elderly use it for a daily travel. Then how can we find a suitable electric scooter?  Here are the tips for you.

Electric Mobility Scooter

   Here is the content list:

  •    Carbon fiber mobility scooter technical parameters

  •    Carbon fiber mobility scooter purchase points

   Electric mobility scooter technical parameters

   Consider whether the technical parameters of the vehicle comply with the relevant national regulations. This is very important! There are many  mobility scooters on the market, and they are banned from the roads everywhere, so if an elderly person buys such a vehicle, it will cause a lot of trouble. So it is very important to buy a carbon fiber for the elderly that meets the relevant national standards and is legally compliant. Specifically, you can see the following detailed instructions.

   (1) Speed is safe (according to the relevant standards, the speed should be controlled within 10 km / h) (Note: the speed means the mobility scooter in the premise of not equip the speed limiters, the maximum speed it can reach.

   (2) The length, height, width, weight, and other indicators can not exceed the relevant national standards.

   (3) Mobility scooter's center of gravity design should be low, wheelbase design should be wide, these are related to the car's safety performance, and safety can not be discounted.

   (4) Rear-wheel drive, front, and rear brake, and the entire vehicle braking distance should be controlled within 0.5 meters. Too long braking distance, undoubtedly buried huge security risks.

   (5) The whole car's climbing ability must to be strong,and equipped with reversing device.

   (6) The operation should be simple, the elderly should be easy to get started, and not be confused in case of emergency.

   Carbon fiber mobility scooter purchase points

   (1) Check the appearance of the  mobility scooter, and see whether the paint and plating surface are intact.

   (2) Having a test drive first to check the working condition of the mobility scooter. The transition of speed should be smooth, no impact feeling when start, the wheels  should be flexible when working and with no sense of stagnation, low noise and no strange sound when driving , and the brake should be smart.

   (3) Check whether the auxiliary functions of the mobility scooter. (such as power display, speed, mileage display, etc.) of the mobibity scooter are in normal condition.

   (4) Whether the supporting accessories, charger, certificate of conformity, manual and warranty card are complete.

   (5) The relevant certificates needed for after-sales service are complete.

   (6) When buying an electric mobility scooter, try to choose a business with a return service, preferably one that promises "no reason to return or exchange". This is great protection for yourself. In case the network introduction and the actual product do not match, causing unnecessary losses to your economy.

  JBH mobility scooters are made of aluminum alloy and all equipped with electromagnetic braking system. They have been sold all over the world and we have agents in many areas. Welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

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